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Video showing the history of ‘Spatula Stuhhi Classico’ polished plaster

Here is a video we wanted to show you on the history of Giorgio Graesan’s legendary product ‘Spatula Stuhhi’, or what we know in the UK as ‘Classico Veneziano’ or ‘Classic’. In 1990 when ‘Spatula Stuhhi’ came on the scene, there wasn’t a single product like it at the time in Italy or anywhere. In fact a lot of companies nowadays producing ‘Classico Veneziano’ weren’t even around when Giorgio Graesan introduced ‘Spatula Stuhhi’ to the world. Its common knowledge in Italy that ‘Spatula Stuhhi’ is the original ‘Classico’ product based on the legendary stucco products the venetian painters used in the 16th century.

Below is a video in Italian which is part of a playlist. Please click ‘PLAYLIST’ top left of the video
and select video number 3