Eco Friendly

Veneziano Marble Plastering have a strict policy on its impact on the eneco-friendly-searchvironment and are committed to technical excellence.

With an outstanding product range featuring natural environmentally friendly material and low VOCs, Veneziano Marble Plastering remain at the forefront of sustainable decorative surface solutions.



Green: 100% natural, VOC free

Ecological: large use of reclaimed materials, such as marble dust and sawdust when lime is slaked

Reversible: made from mineral raw materials, fully recycable


Breathable: low resistance to vapor diffusion and high permeability, beneficial to asthma sufferers

Dehumidifying: great capacity to absorb the water present in the walls and resistance to alkaline salts, thanks to its high porosity

Insulating: thermal and acoustic insulating properties due to the high micro-porosity

Antibacterial: hostility to the survival of molds, mould and bacteria eliminating the aged and dirty look associated with tiling and grout

Safe: lime-based products are non-flammable and non-combustible


Looks stunning no matter where; kitchens, bathrooms, feature walls etc.. also office meeting rooms, hotels and restaurants of luxury

Very low maintenance and no need to redecorating

Making your environment more comfortable than painted walls

Hard wearing and resistant to everyday use, such as abrasion, wear and tear