We have noticed a dramatic increase in calls to our office regarding, unwanted black spots appearing in your application from certain branded polished plasters in the UK. This is one of many reasons why we are now using Spatula Stuhhi Classico from Giorgio Graesan & friends, which not only is a beautiful elegant polished plaster, its 100% natural and we’ve never had one incident of black spots appearing in our finishes. This is a serious issue as it stands out, especially on light colours.

We find this happens when there are artificial additives which are combined with a poor quality slaked lime which gives inconsistency. A good quality lime should be thick in consistency but looses its viscosity when mixed. This lime should stiffen after a short period of time. A good test is to add a lot of colourant to achieve a dark colour. The polished plaster should still stiffen, if it does its a sign of quality and if it doesn’t then……… what is actually in your tub?

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  1. Hi, Just read this post. Ive had a nightmare with this problem lately. The company I get my material off says its normal for this to happen, but im not so sure! Could I get a sample of your classic to try it out?

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