There is no doubt that polished plaster is a sign of prestige, beauty and elegance as we have all got to know. Its still the preferred choice of decoration by architects and interior designers. However, there is now a credible alternative when considering a decorative finish, fast gaining admiration in London and beyond. We call this ‘decorative paints’. When we think of paints, we think of emulsions, glosses etc which to be honest is just a monotonous off the shelf look.

When the Italians think ‘decorative paints’ or in italian ‘pitture decorative‘ they think of Giorgio Graesan, or the late Giovanni Graesan. The brothers were the first to bring ‘Italian decorative paints’ to Europe and like everything else, other companies simply tried to copy the Graesan products.  We are proud to give you Giorgio Graesan’s range of decorative paints as an alternative or a complimentary choice to polished plastering.

‘trasparenze’ is one of our
many decorative paint finishes

Here is a video showing the application of one of our
popular decorative paint finish ‘La Via Lattea’


To purchase decorative paint products, please click the link
to see the range from our partners Stucco Veneziano UK.
Decorative Paint Suppliers London

Our decorative paints have a wide appeal for both traditional and contemporary decorating. Our experienced artisans seamlessly blend function with expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge style.

Italian interior design is considerably romantic as well as super stylish. Italy has long been a leader in art, fashion and design and shows no signs of slowing down in the 21st century.


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