So, what else is happening in 2015?

-We have an exciting range of polished plaster and decorative paint finishes
coming in 2015, some of these we have been previewing on our twitter. The
feedback on some of those finishes was promising and we look forward to
getting them on your walls this year and way beyond. The decorative paints are
definately gaining ground on their polished plaster counterparts. We have some
exciting projects coming up in the next few months using these prestigious
decorative paint finishes..

Our friends at polished plaster decor are coming on board with us starting from January 2015, and they have decided to close down their website which is/was www.polishedplasterdecor. We are excited to be working alongside their skilled artisans full time.

-Our partners at Tadelakt Company, who are the UK’s only… and we mean only installers of traditional imported Moroccan tadelakt are being recognised upand down the UK for their traditions. They will be running courses laterin the year, teaching you the original methods not seen anywhere in the UK. They are at or, check them out    

Tadelakt Company – Saving the UK from mediocre tadelakt !

We have purchased probably some of the most important domain names in the UK for our industry. We are securing our position as current leaders in the field with these sought after domain names.We are pround owners of and, these domains will eventually be typed into the web address bar in the future, instead of google searching so it doesn’t matter if you own 100 .london domains, its not a page ranker, simply a quick search faciltity and getting straight to the point !

-The biggest news of all …………. a brand new website & corporate logo!! Yes thats right, A clean cut & simple design for easy navigation. We a have a few little tricks as well for this site that we are staying hush hush about. We have managed to raise the bar once again. We will no longer be known as Veneziano Marble Plastering, but simialar nor have the 3 squared emblem in our logo.

We had a great 2014, we hope you had ! Happy new year








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