Veneziano Marble Plastering specialises in polished plaster & Decorative paint banding, corporate logos, columns and stencils. Its a great way to mix it up and combine different colours, effects and finishes. Decorative paint banding is on the rise as more of London’s architects and interior desingers are demanding more and always pushing the boundaries to offer new variations and something different.

Some examples of banding

spirito libero polished plaster

Spirito Libero Banding


Neve Banding

banding, stencil, logo

Neve & Gioia







Stenciling can be quite striking when used correctly. We find recessed stenciling is very effective in textured or pitted polished plaster with our metallic wash on the surface, which is a very attractive highlight in any space. Our team are highly skilled and have a very meticulous attention to detail, having developed special techniques for logo insertion and surface design appliance.

An example of a recessed stencil in
a metallic pitted polished plaster

stencil polished plaster

Pitted Recessed Stencil

Columns give the appearance of polished stone or shiny marble but without the weight and cost. Columns can appear seamless, and are a showpiece and focal point of any capacity. Textured finishes are extremely effective on columns , but Spatula Stuhhi reflects the light very well and takes centre stage.

spatula stuhhi column

Spatula Stuhhi Column

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