We are affilated with Tadelakt Company, who are in a minority of tadelakt installers available in the UK. Their installers trained in Marrakech, Morocco and have brought the techniques back with them for the UK, just order a sample board from them…

15mm thick sample boards …….yes 15mm?
now order a sample board of tadelakt elsewhere? expect 1-2mm veneer like samples?

Faq about an original tadelakt

  • How thick is tadelakt in Morocco? over 15mm (including sand & cement) or 2mm?
  • Moroccan tadelakt consists of sand & cement backing coats….
  • tadelakt needs to soak in water for up to a week before application
  • Cedar wood floats are used in the application (which also need to soak in water)
  • The finish should be cloudy with micro fissures, not marmorino lines and pin holes
  • Moroccan tadelakt can go in actual sinks, baths, on ornaments? Can the tadelakt being used by others in the UK do that? Ask them…..
  • Tadelakt should have round smooth edges, tadelakt is too thick to square the edges, has your installed tadelakt got sharp square edges? I

Please visit them below and have a look …
tadelakt company

Here is some samples … you notice the
micro fissures cracking… beauty!

The picture on the left is tadelakt company’s tadelakt sample (including sand and cement), and in the same picture (thin UK sample) on the right is a sample made with a European tadelakt??

Questions have to be asked ?

We took this picture in an architects office, simply no comparison…

tadelakt london

Moroccan v European

tadelakt london



Soft as silk…

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